So the first race of 2022 was on a very green, moss covered, wet track at Kimbolton. With plenty of pre-season practice, Albie has been itching to get on track and do what he does best!

Saturday presented a few issues and Albie struggled at times for grip on the circuit. Kimbolton is renowned for being ‘green’ due to it only being open two days of the month…race weekend! After a few setup changes Albie started to show his competitors what they were to expect for this season. Testing finished on a high, with fast pace… roll on Sunday and race day!

Thankfully, the skies were blue on Sunday and no rain was forecast for the day, but setup was going to make or break us… was it slicks or wets?!?!?

After the three lap practice we went straight into the two heats, followed by the final. Heat 1 saw Albie on pole. The lights went out and the flag rose and away he went for the first race of 2022! A lethargic start saw Albie drop from the pole position, to 5th! In his accustomed fashion he knuckled down and start picking the opposition off one by one, by lap five he was up to 3rd and two laps later was back into 2nd position. Only the short heat duration stopped Albie taking the win and he crossed the line in 2nd by 0.2 seconds, taking the fastest lap too!

Heat 2 and Albie started 26th. We knew he was capable of a great push forward and as ever he didn’t disappoint! An impressive start saw him jump four place in the first lap and the same again in the 2nd lap… up EIGHT places in two laps! Over the remaining seven laps Albie tore through the opposition, darting moves up the inside of competitors, daring overtakes around the outside and some spectacular late breaking saw Albie cross the line 8th… from 26th! With penalties in front of Albie, official finishing position was P7! An outstanding race and meant that he had secured 2nd for the final!

The Final saw a much calmer drive from Albie. A mega start on the new dry circuit running on low tread intermediate tyres saw Albie push away with the first place competitor and continue to do so for the entire race. The strategy of not fighting for first worked, with a fair clean fight for victory on the last lap. A few attempts to ‘get the job done’ didn’t quite pay off and in the end settled for second place. Although there wasn’t the spectacular energy from this final as the previous heats, Albie showed that he has amazing maturity for a nine year old driver and is growing into a complete package of racer. A magnificent start to the 2022 campaign!

Roll on next weekend…